T.E.N.S/K7 Bite and Muscle Analysis

K7 Evaluation System & T.E.N.S.

Get rid of sore jaws, migraine pain and any other ailment related to your mouth or jaw.

Feeling Tense? We have T.E.N.S.

K7 Evaluation System & TENS (Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation)

For help with your aching jaw or even to help with your migraines, Kootenay Smile Studio has muscle relaxation equipment and equipment that will help find YOUR healthiest, most comfortable jaw position.
No more migraines! No more aching jaw!

First, we’ll evaluate your jaw position and look at how you bite and clench your jaw. We’ll use a diagnostic computer software program to record your jaw opening through its full range of motion, as well as to measure the activity of key jaw muscles.

From there a machine called the T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation) device relaxes your face and jaw muscles by delivering gentle pulses to the facial muscle. The gentle pulsation and massage of the muscles increases blood flow, helps ease any discomfort and relaxes the muscles in your face and jaw, enabling us to determine your most natural bite position.

K7 Unit A computerized neuromuscular procedure to precisely measure and study the pattern of opening and closing your jaw. This study is done by placing a small magnet on your lower gum and a light weight spectacle-like device containing magnetic sensors. This allows the doctor and assistant to track your jaw movements on the computer screen and to detect abnormal movements that may otherwise go undetected.

At Kootenay Smile Studio we want you to be comfortable with our technology so you can get rid of sore jaws, migraine pain and any other ailment related to your mouth or jaw. We want you to have YOUR perfect smile.