Intra-Oral Camera / Digital Charting

Intra-Oral Camera

That’s a fancy name for a digital camera that takes pictures inside your mouth. It can’t see what the x-ray sees – instead it sees what the dentist sees and lets you see everything on the chairside monitor!

It’s a comfortable way for you to see exactly what we see in your mouth so we can answer your questions and discuss any treatments or procedures. You will leave the appointment feeling confident in what we do and why we do it.

Take the first step. Visit our Smile Consultation page and tell us what you feel would help you smile more! We’ll contact you and make arrangements to have you visit our offices where we can discuss with you, a happy ending for your Smile Story.

Digital Charting

Gone are the days of flipping and rustling through inches thick paper to find the record of your last visit. At Kootenay Smile Studio, we use a computer and a software program that allows us to display all your dental information on a chairside monitor.

All your records including past history, x-rays and results are quickly and easily accessible. Everything is stored in one place. We can even show you the progress of your procedures, on the chairside monitor.