Smile Makeovers

With A New Smile

The World Smiles Back At You

I look great today. If only I loved my smile.

You get ready in the morning, taking the time to ensure everything is just ‘so’. Your outfit has been cleaned and pressed. Your shoes have been polished. You have taken extra time to make sure your hair looks its best and you spin once around, checking yourself from every angle.


From where you stand, you look great. If only you don’t open your mouth…

You dread facing the day.
Your anxiety takes over.
You wish you had confidence.

You need a new smile!

How many times can you make a good first impression?

When you meet someone for the first time, you have seconds to make a first impression. Your smile – a beautiful smile – can be the one thing that sets you apart. A great smile projects confidence, openness and attractiveness.

The old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is definitely a true statement. However, in today’s world, everyone has the means to upgrade their looks and instantly increase their beauty quotient.

With a new smile, the world smiles back at you.

We are programmed to respond to society’s definition of beauty. Fashion, make-up, accessorizing . . . all of these lend themselves to making someone more attractive but they don’t impact a person’s true beauty. Hair, eyes, skin, lips and teeth all combine to enhance someone’s beauty.

Modern research tells us that facial features that are proportioned and symmetrical are considered more beautiful than those whose faces are not.

With advances made in cosmetic dentistry, your smile is just waiting for you. It’s not a new you. It’s the old you – only better! A beautiful, well-proportioned smile will not only impact your looks, it will change your entire life.