Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Gum disease and systemic health connection

Approximately 75% of the population have some form of periodontal disease. The majority of them are unaware they even have it, because in early stages gum disease is usually painless and most time symptom free. Over the years, scientific studies have found connections between gum disease and a number of systemic diseases. These studies have identified risk factors linked to heart and lung disease, stroke, memory loss(Alzheimer’s), pre-mature and low birth weight babies, diabetes, and a number of other systemic conditions. By leaving poor oral health untreated, it can increase your risk of developing any of the above potentially life-threatening diseases that are causing the deaths of millions of Canadians each year.

At Kootenay Smile Studio we strive to provide our patients with optimal hygiene care by keeping up with the newest information and technology. Our Hygienists are highly trained professionals who are eager to help you understand your oral condition(s). We closely monitor your oral health status and are continuously looking for signs and symptoms of any systemic diseases that many times appear in the mouth first.

(AIR-FLOW®) Perio

Used for the removal of biofilms(bacteria) from deep periodontal pockets by using fine glycine-powder, and air-polishing device(AIR-FLOW®). It is designed to safely, efficiently, and with greater patient comfort reach to the bottom of deep pockets and remove bacteria from natural tooth structure, soft tissue(gums), and even implants. It is important for adequate biofilm removal for maintaining healthy gums and a healthy mouth.

Laser Therapy

Lasers have changed the way we practice dental hygiene. In combination with traditional dental hygiene and periodontal therapy, the laser is a more gentle way to reduce areas of bleeding, pocketing and inflammation. Lasers are used to remove diseased tissue and periodontal pathogens under the gum line. In doing so, we create a better environment for gums to heal and therefore, reduce pocketing and inflammation. It is painless and fast.