Why A New Smile

What a difference a smile makes!

Why a new smile?
A new smile will make you more confident, look younger, and stand out in the crowd. It’s a proven fact that confident people are more successful in life. And that’s only natural. Confident people feel good about themselves! A new smile can also make you healthier, improve your love life and enhance your career. For men and women, it’s equally important.

You probably landed on this webpage because you consider Cosmetic Dentistry for yourself, a family member or a friend. Whether you’d like to get rid of your old mercury fillings, broken or chipped teeth, bad breath, or want to make your teeth and gums healthy again – rest assured – you will find all the information you need in this website to make a well-informed decision. Yes, we do understand that it IS a big step to get your teeth fixed. But think of that magical moment when you look in the mirror and see that beautiful smile – on YOU! Close your eyes for a moment and hear people say: “Wow, you look great, and what a wonderful smile you have!”

An Exceptional Experience

Kootenay Smile Studio is committed to offering you general and cosmetic dentistry in an atmosphere that feels more like a visit with friends than a trip to the dentist.

Go ahead. Take the first step. You deserve an Exceptional Experience at Kootenay Smile Studio.